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Open Development Program - Learning to Train

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In the Bradford S.C Development program we offer an opportunity for U7 - U12 Male and Female players who want to have top class professional, progressive coaching irrespective of their experience or ability.  All we ask is that they love soccer and want to be part of the game.

This program focuses on building athletic skills, fitness, and players’ soccer skills, at their own pace.  Our technical coaches will make sure the players are doing the drills correctly and understanding the purpose of every drill.  The recreational development program will be coached by Georgio Trikkas (our Technical Director) and his technical team who are all Ontario certified coaches.

We are very proud of our technical staff, who are not only professionals, but also wonderful with kids!

Every day is carefully structured to give the children the opportunity to learn new techniques, to enjoy their soccer experience and meet new friends.

The primary focus of the program is to allow every player to develop at their own pace, without any pressure of failure, or pressure for them to play at a level they are not ready for.

In our development program we train every player that wants to learn and develop their soccer skills.  The development program will serve as a starting point for selection to our Elite and Academy Program/Competitive teams.

This program is 3 nights a week, Friday evening for practice (90mins) and Saturday/Sunday morning or early afternoon for games (60mins) in our house league.  Both the Friday practice and recreational game will take place in the Bradford Sports Dome.  The 3rd evening is for Futsal, and will be held in one of the school gymnasiums (dates and times will vary by age).  

Commitments and Expectation
ALL Players MUST wear shin pads. Your child will NOT be allowed to play without having their shin pads on and in proper order. Soccer shoes are mandatory.

It is mandatory that parents/guardians stay on site AND are available in case of emergency. Coaches cannot be responsible for your child in the event of an emergency.

Games/practices will only be cancelled if there are thunderstorms, or if the town has closed the fields.  If it’s raining we still play. Your coach or a club representative will contact you in the event of a cancellation.

*Request to play with a friend cannot be guaranteed.  We will do our best to accommodate.

Contact the office for more info or email us at

Learning to Train Program Description: BSC is proud to offer a fun and challenging Recreation League and programs for players from U6-U18.  All recreation players will play in the Bradford Soccer Recreation League, which follows the BSC Player Development 4 Life (PD4L) vision, Long Term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines and True Sport principles.  The PD4L vision focuses on developing the player with a holistic approach through creating short and long term goals.  LTPD is a framework that provides a baseline to ensure programs are player-centered and coach driven with content focused to the training stage of the player.  True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of sport from a platform of shared values and principles BSC passionately aligns with:        


For ages U8-U12, scores and standings will not be posted.  This follows the LTPD guidelines of focusing on personal player success.  U6 - U8 will play 5v5 games, U9-U11 will play 7v7 on a Mini field, and U12-U17 will play 11v11 on a Full field.

  • Physical – This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility and skills.
  • Technical – Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements; technical skills are developed in training and within the context of basic soccer games.
  • Tactical – Developing environment awareness and encouraging decision making: simple combinations, marking and running into space.
  • Mental – Golden age of learning; intrinsic motivation is developed by the Fun and Enjoyment that foster desire to play; imagination, creativity, increased demands, discipline.

Game Structure: Ranges from 6v6 to 8v8.




Game Format

Squad Size

Game duration

Ball Size

Min/Max width

Min/Max length

GOAL SIZES no larger than

6 v 6

Ideal 8/Max 10

2 x 25 min.


30 to 36m

40 to 55m

6f/1.83m X 14f/4.27m

7 v 7

Ideal 9/Max 12

2 x 25 min.


30 to 36m

40 to 55m

6f/1.83m X 16f/4.88m

8 v 8

Ideal11/Max 14

2 x 30 min.


42 to 55m

60 to 75m

6f/1.83m X 18f/5.49m

Season Length: 30 weeks, indoor.  Programs run from Oct 5 - May 17 

  • Small leagues provide game fixtures, but no league standings are recorded.
  • Players and game formats are organized to support the basic playing experiences.
  • All players play equal time and try all team positions, including goal keeping.
  • The game structure progresses between ages from simple to more complex.
  • The training to competition ratio should be 2 to 3 training sessions for every game.