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Recreational Overview - FUNdamentals


Our recreational program is part of our FUNdamentals Program available for boys and girls from 6 - 18 years of age.

The program includes 12 or 24 weeks of play, the weekend of Oct 6/7 to the weekend of Dec 22/23 or the the firs of Oct 6/7 to the weekend of April 6/7. 

The program will run 1 day per week on Saturday or Sunday depending on age, and will consist of one game approximately 2x30 minute halves.

Commitments and Expectation
ALL Players MUST wear shin pads. Your child will NOT be allowed to play without having their shin pads on and in proper order. Soccer shoes are recommended but not mandatory.

It is mandatory that parents/guardians stay on site AND are available in case of emergency. Coaches cannot be responsible for your child in the event of an emergency.

*Request to play with a friend cannot be guaranteed.  We do our best to accommodate requests. 

Contact the office for more info or email us at

Development FUNdamentals Program Description:  This program is ideal for players who, at this time, are interested in improving their soccer skills through fun activities and small sided games.  Sessions are 1 hour in length, once a week.  Emphasis will be on developing a player’s ABC’s (agility, balance, and coordination) and the introduction of specific skills, especially dribbling and passing.  Sessions will end with a small sided game.

  • Physical – Develop the ABCs of movement: agility, balance, co-ordination and speed, as well as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching.
  • Technical – Movement exercises/games designed to promote a feel for the ball: gaining ball control in receiving passes, dribbling, passing less than 25m, kicking the ball forward, and shooting on goal.
  • Tactical – Small children are egocentric – playing the ball is the most important objective. However, they now need to be introduced to co-operation between players. They gain understanding of the game through playing situations.
  • Mental – Basic awareness of environment to build game intelligence and decision making


Game Structure: Ranges from 3v3 to 5v5.




Game Format

Squad Size

Game duration

Ball Size

Min/Max width

Min/Max length

GOAL SIZES no larger than

3 v 3 *

Max 6

2 x 15 min.


18 to 22m

25 to 30m

5f/1.52m X 8f/2.44m

4 v 4 *

Max 8

2 x 15 min.


20 to 25m

30 to 36m

5f/1.52m X 8f/2.44m

5 v 5 *

Max 10

2 x 15 min.


25 to 30m

30 to 36m

5f/1.52m X 8f/2.44m

*With or without goalkeeper - when no goalkeeper, reduce the goal size

Season Length: 12 to 24 weeks indoor

  • No league standings – jamboree format – emphasis is on FUN.
  • Players and game formats are organized to support the basic playing experiences.
  • All players play equal time and try all team positions, including goal keeping.
  • Equal time should be allotted to practice and games.